My Story

Hello aspiring scent chef!


My name is Jenny and I'm here to help you on your incredible Scentsy journey!  Scent Cheffing has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember.  I love to blend scents and flavors together to recreate memories that can be enjoyed in the present moment.  These blends are my happy thoughts, my fountain of youth, my doorway to the past like a time capsule of beautiful memory evoking aroma.


The link between scent and memory is a most enchanting and extraordinary thing... I can be ten years old again, candle shopping with my Grandma when I smell Vanilla Bean Buttercream or I can be sipping apple cider beside a camp fire on a crisp October evening when I smell Cider Mill... and all I need to time travel is a warmer that fits my personality and a bar of scented wax.  How amazing!


Each bar holds a memory that is completely unique to you.  As the wax melts, it allows that memory to fill the room where it can be shared and enjoyed with others.  Photographs and video cannot capture the scent of a place or experience, but imagine utilizing the enormous selection of Scentsy bars to recreate that missing element through scent cheffing so the stories you share with your loved ones can truly come to life!  Scentsy is an opportunity to give the gift of happy memories to yourself and others.  You can warm your heart when you are warming a cube.


I look forward to hearing your stories as we travel on this adventure down memory lane together!